Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Charge Any Additional Fees?

No, there are no fees associated with submitting a loan request. We work on a commission basis with our lending partners and may earn a fee if your application is approved. However, you can rest confident that Rixloans will not charge you anything for submitting an inquiry.

What Is the Definition of a Payday Loan?

A payday loan is used to meet short-term and emergency costs; the concept is that you receive the funds in one lump sum and then repay the loan in full within a couple of weeks on your next ‘payday.’

You can borrow between $100 and $35,000 with Consolidation Now based on your credit score, income, and affordability. Depending on the loan amount, you can repay the loan for one to sixty months. When you submit a loan request, monies can be successfully sent to your bank account in as little as 24 hours.

Am I a Candidate?

The following requirements apply:
Be a citizen of the United States
Over the age of 18
Possess an active checking account to receive payments
A consistent monthly income of at least $800
Consideration of poor credit
Capable of repaying

Will This Affect My Credit Score?

No, submitting a loan application will not hurt your credit score. Credit checks will be conducted as part of the approval process but will have no adverse effect. Your credit score will only deteriorate if you are approved for a loan and cannot make timely repayments, resulting in your account falling into arrears. Equally, if you make timely payments, your credit score may rise; however, payday loans should not be viewed as improving your credit score.

How Long Does It Take for a Loan Inquiry to Be Submitted?

Rixloans accepts loan requests entirely online, and you can get started here. You can complete the application form in less than five minutes and receive an instant decision on the screen. If the transaction is successful, monies will be transferred within 24 hours or the following business day.

Do I Have to Provide My Bank Account Information?

Yes, we will want your bank details to send the funds to your bank account after you have been accepted. We guarantee that your information is secure and that we will not share your bank account information or any other information with third parties without your permission.

How Long Will It Take for Monies to Be Deposited Into My Account?

Within 24 hours, funds can be transferred to your bank account (sometimes just a few hours). As a general rule, we state that funds should be available the following working day.

What Happens if I Pay My Bill Late?

If you are late or miss a planned repayment, you may be charged a late fee, which may hurt your credit score.
Suppose you believe you will have difficulty repaying this month or next. In that case, it is critical to contact your lender immediately – as they can typically assist you and help you avoid late fines or damage to your credit report.

How Are Repayments Handled?

Payments are deducted automatically from your bank account on the agreed-upon date with the lender. You will receive reminders in the days preceding payments to avoid any surprises. Monthly payments are paid for one to sixty months, depending on the magnitude of the loan.

Kimberly Chantal Parkes

Kimberly Chantal Parkes is a former contributor to Rixloans. Kimberly Chantal is a freelance copy editor and writer with a specialization in personal financial planning. After having graduated from Kansas State University with a bachelor's degree in journalism, she began her career in media wearing many hats for community newspapers within the Kansas City area: writer as well as copy editor, photographer and coffee runner among other things.